• The Uncrowned King of M’Bopicuá

    What do the Scottish crown and the M’Bopicuá ranch, now the nature park’s center, have in common? A quixotic character connects them in a story that would be too fantastic if it were a romance.

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  • Un pasaje hacia la aventura

    Un largo camino llevó a Juan Villalba de su infancia apasionada por los animales a dirigir el Bioparque M’Bopicuá. En él hay lugar para citas con mandatarios a lomo de un elefante, encuentros con gorilas en la selva, el rescate de una famosa especie en extinción y más de un enfrentamiento con...

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  • Arandú y los jaguares en Uruguay

    Arandú, el jaguar del bioparque, es el testimonio vivo de una historia de persecución y despedidas sin reencuentro posible, que marcó el final de una especie que casi deja a Uruguay sin prócer.

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  • The Call of the Wild

    At the beginning of 2015, M’Bopicuá Nature Park welcomed a new and unexpected member to its family, which piqued the interest of National Geographic and started a journey of hope for one of our most charismatic cats.

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  • El rey sin corona de M’Bopicuá

    ¿Qué tienen en común la corona escocesa y la estancia de M’Bopicuá, que es hoy centro del bioparque? Un personaje quijotesco los une en una historia que, si fuera una novela, resultaría demasiado fantasiosa.

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  • Until the Margay Do You Part

    Once upon a time, a man crossed two countries and wove a web of lies for a year so that a margay at M’Bopicuá Nature Park would help him with the woman of his dreams.

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  • Supporting Pereira

    Pereira is an animal at M’Bopicuá Nature Park that made history, but the journey to get there wasn’t easy for her species: It includes escapes from cages, confinement in a cell, and even a painful encounter that ended with a visit to the hospital.

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  • The Secret of Her Eyes

    How did the character in this story jump from a veterinarian’s pocket into the pages of one of the most famous magazines in the world? Discover the whirlwind career of Margarita, star of M’Bopicuá Nature Park.

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  • A Long Journey Home

    Over 100 years ago, a species that had been in our country for hundreds of thousands of years disappeared, leaving the land free for the arrival of an invasive cousin. This is the story of its epic return.

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  • A Day at M’Bopicuá Nature Park

    A visit to M’Bopicuá Nature Park is a journey to both the past and the future, an initiation that combines the weight of history, the call of the wild, and a different way of life.

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